Getting started

Must read

Everyone should read the first three sections of this tutorial by Karl Broman, a statistician. He uses the command line version of git. In RStudio most commands translate directly to buttons: push, pull, diff and commit. status is mostly conveyed by the git tab in RStudio. You can always use the command line version, by clicking the cog and then “Shell” in the git tab in RStudio.

Should read

Git Basics This is good to read to get a feeling for git’s model. Pay particular attention to “The Three States”. This is good to read about how merging and conflicts work in git particularly the “Pushing and pulling section”.

Read if you want more details

RStudio has a bit more info on getting a set up with git: Using git with RStudio

The git site has very thourough documentation:

Github has lots of links for learning more:

If you want to learn more command line git usage (i.e. not in RStudio), start with: Try git.